Texas Medigap Plans

Texas Medigap plans are the same as other Federally-standardized Medigap plans. texas medigap plans
They are designed to fill in the gaps in Medicare Parts A and B, in order to limit the “unlimited” exposure to out of pocket costs that are associated with having only “traditional” Medicare (Part A and Part B). Here is the chart that shows what Medigap plans cover: Medigap Coverage Chart.

Medigap Plan F is the most comprehensive plan – it pays everything that Medicare Parts A and B do not cover at the doctor and hospital so that you don’t have any out of pocket costs. Most insurance companies and agents promote this plan – in fact, some companies sell this plan almost exclusively. However, it is not always the best use of your premium dollars. On the contrary, Medigap Plan G is often a better “deal” and more rate-stable over time. Find out why Plan G is a better deal than Plan F. Of course, Medigap rates are always dependent on your age and zip code, so it makes sense to get Medigap quotes and compare plans for your specific situation, but it is important to understand all possible plans and options before just choosing what one insurance company promotes.

Because Texas is one of the 2nd largest state in the country, many insurance companies have chosen to do Medigap plans here. It is quite a competitive market. This is a good thing, ultimately, for keeping rates competitive here. Some of the companies that are most competitively priced in this market are CIGNA, Mutual of Omaha, Central States Indemnity (subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway), Aetna, Medico and New Era. Right now, as of the publish date of this page, Mutual of Omaha and CIGNA are very competitive in most ages/zip codes. AARP/United Healthcare and BCBS of TX, of course, also offer plans here; however, those two companies typically range a little higher premium-wise for equivalent benefits.

It is always advisable to get Medigap rates for your specific situation when comparing plans, simply because benefits, doctor acceptance, claim payments, etc. are all completely Federally-standardized for these plans. So, often, we find people paying up to $100-150/month more for the same coverage. The best way to do that, whether it is through us or someone else, is through an independent brokerage. If you want Texas medigap rates from us, sent by email, request them here: send me TX Medigap rates. Or if you have questions, you can also call us at 877.506.3378.