Virginia Medigap Plans

Virginia Medigap plans are among the lowest priced nationally. Virginia Medigap PlansIf you live in Virginia or are moving there, it is one of the best states in which to live in regards to Medigap pricing. Medigap premiums can range widely from one state to another – even as much as being 200% higher in some states than others – so for someone on a fixed income, this can be a big factor in your budget.

Although pricing varies considerably from one state to another, and even from one zip code to another, the plans are Federally-standardized. So, coverage is the same from one company to the other. All plans follow the standardized Medigap coverage chart. This chart displays the 10 plans that are available – a Plan F, for example, with one company is the same as a Plan F with another company.

Although there are 10 total plans, most companies sell three primary plans – Plan F, Plan G, and Plan N. Plan F is the most common and comprehensive plan offered – it pays everything that Medicare A and B do not cover at the doctor/hospital. Plan G, however, is often the better deal – it pays what Medicare doesn’t cover at the doctor/hospital, with the one exception of the Medicare Part B deductible ($147/year). Typically, the price for Plan G is greater than that $147/year deductible. Additionally, Plan G is often more rate-stable over time than Plan F (read more about why Plan G is often a better “deal” than Plan F).

For Virginia Medigap plans, many of the nation’s largest companies offer plans in this market. Currently, some of the more competitively priced companies here are: Equitable, Combined, CIGNA, Aetna and Mutual of Omaha. There are, of course, other companies as well in this market, but since claim payments, coverage, and doctor acceptance are all standardized, it is highly advisable to get an unbiased comparison of all VA Medigap rates and choose one of the most competitively priced, highly rated companies. The easiest and most time-efficient way to do this – whether it is through us or someone else – is through an independent broker who has access to all plan rates.

If you have questions about Medigap plans in Virginia or just want to get a Medigap rate comparison of plans in VA, you can contact us at 877.506.3378 or request quotes online.