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What Makes Us Different? S.E.C.U.R.E

We are fully aware that there are many choices out there for Medicare insurance. We appreciate you considering us – we are 100% confident that we are your most knowledgeable, professional and unbiased source of comparing
and selecting a Medicare insurance plan. Below, you will find some of the
things that set us apart, as well as written and voice testimonials from current customers
(to the right).

After you are enrolled in a plan, we don’t forget about you. We provide a (free to customers) quarterly newsletter with updates about Medicare changes, plan/rate changes, etc. We also guarantee to respond to questions/requests quickly even on weekends or holidays.

…with thousands of delighted customers spanning 43 states, we have the experience to understand your situation and provide a stable and secure insurance solution.

…as a brokerage, we have the ability to work with all of the companies in each state in which we work so that you find the exact best plans for your age and zip code.

When you speak with one insurance company for information/rates on their Medicare Supplement, you hear their opinion for their plans only. When you speak with a brokerage, like Secure Medicare Solutions, you hear our customers feedback for all the plans.

Over the past year, our quotes have saved people who already have a Medicare Supplement an average of $504/year for the same coverage from an equally rated (or higher) company. Also, 97% of people who have received a quote from us found it to be lower than their current rate for the exact same coverage plan. Now that is reliable!

Because we specialize exclusively in Medicare insurance, our level of expertise is paramount. We are continually updating our knowledge of all things Medicare and are a resource for questions about all things Medicare.