South Carolina Medicare Resources

For South Carolina Medicare enrollees, there are many resources through which you can get answers to your questions, obtain information about your benefits, and evaluate your current coverage. We’ve compiled a few of those resources below with links to the corresponding web sites:

  1. South Carolina Medicare Insurance – Medicare in SC – This is the home page for Secure Medicare Solutions, which is a leading, independent resource for Medicare and Medicare insurance information in South Carolina. At the site, you can research information about your South Carolina Medicare Supplements coverage or South Carolina Medicare Part D information.
  2. South Carolina Medicare Minutes – South Carolina Medicare Minutes is an independent blog and reference for all things related to South Carolina Medicare and Medicare insurance. The blog has frequent updates about things of interest to those who have Medicare in the Palmetto state.
  3. – The Official U.S. Government Site for People with Medicare – is the official government Medicare site. This site give you information about how the various parts of Medicare work overall, how they work with one another, as well as information about how to sign up for the various parts of Medicare.
  4. Center for Medicare Advocacy – This is an independent site with unbiased information about Medicare and how it works. You can get the answers to a lot of frequently asked questions on this site.
  5. Garrett Ball – Expert Author – This is the main site for, which is a leading, human-reviewed article site, which compiles qualified articles from expert authors from around the world. Garrett Ball, who has been given the designation of expert author, writes articles particularly about South Carolina Medicare Insurance, which can be found on his author home page.

Relocating to SC? What to Do About Your Medicare Insurance

South Carolina has quickly become one of the leading states for retiree relocations. Retirees, predominantly from the Northeast, have been heading to the Coastal regions of the Palmetto State for the great weather, easy living and beaches.

When you move, does your insurance move with you? In most instances, NO. But it depends on the type of plan you have.

I have recently written an article that can help anyone facing this question sort through this complex dilemma. There are three guidelines to helping you find out if your insurance is portable and what to do if it is not: South Carolina Medicare Insurance – A Relocation Guide to Choosing a Plan in the Palmetto State.

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